Take heart, patriots everywhere and Trust in God

President Donald Trump’s Farewell The Beginning Not The End

By —— Bio and Archives--January 20, 2021

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President Donald Trump’s Farewell The Beginning Not The EndPresident Donald Trump’s Farewell at Joint Andrews Airforce Base is the Beginning and not the End.

“I will be watching.  I will be listening,” the president said at the end of his address to all those gathered for his send-off to Florida on Air Force One.

“We will be in touch in some form or other.  Have a good life.  We will see you soon.”

President Trump hasn’t faded away into the ether realm as have the digitalized Democrats. The president, loved by the people,  is taking his
long-life MAGA movement to Florida with him.

It wasn’t sadness and bitterness that overwhelmed all those watching this morning—but hope for a soon to come Better Day.

No sadness and bitterness necessary on this day because we are not left languishing in the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Inauguration Jail , no matter how forcefully they try to put us there.

We are as we are— always were and ALWAYS will be in the Loving Care of God Almighty.

Two thousand years ago, our Sole Redeemer gave His final Blessing to the gathered masses with wounded hands before ascending into Heaven from the Mount of Olives.

He promised the throngs He would be with them until the end of time.

Jesus told His followers that the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete would console them, the same Holy Spirit there for our consolation even to this very day.

Today’s Joint Andrew’s Airforce Base Farewell wasn’t the end of the story, but only the beginning.

A new chapter is waiting to unfold.  It is the story of a growing movement that will never end.

The 45th President’s MAGA movement will long survive the Inauguration of the Democrat cabal.

Take heart, patriots everywhere and Trust in God.

President Trump Full Farewell Speech




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