Will it be a godless socialist Democrat government or a liberty loving, God fearing MAGA government?

The Perfect Storm: Is America Ready for a Third Political Party?

By —— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2021

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The Perfect Storm: Is America Ready for a Third Political Party?In late 2020 and early 2021, there has been much rumbling and mumbling about President Trump forming a new third political party. Conventional wisdom seems to be that a third political party would fail today as it always has failed in the past.  The last successful new political party was the establishment of the Republican Party with President Abraham Lincoln in 1859.  Have the naysayers once again underestimated exactly what President Trump can accomplish when he sets his mind to it?  The progressive socialist Democrat Party, their elitist surrogates in the media, their corrupt domestic and foreign big money sources, the corrupt and cowardly elements of the Republican Party, and the cowardly federal courts have created the prefect storm for the birthing of a vigorous and effective third political party.  President Biden has, by his initial actions, already moved that storm from a Category 3 storm to a Category 5 storm.

President Trump departed with only minimal support from the Republican Party members in Congress

In modern history, has there ever been a situation where members of a political party have been so quick to abandon the President that was totally loyal to them and helped get them re-elected even in the face of his own defeat?  No!  Has there ever been so many ingrates that turned their backs on the leader of their party?  No again! What we have seen since the November 3, 2020, election has been complete cowardice on the part of Republican leadership and most of the rank and file Republicans in Congress.  When has there ever been such a betrayal by a party’s elected officials?  Never!  Does this indicate that political elitism and corruption also runs deep in the Republican Party?  It certainly appears that way.

2021 is different, although President Trump departed with only minimal support from the Republican Party members in Congress, there are still reliable Republican members left that are actively supporting Trump and his supporters.  More important, there are somewhere between 75 and 90 million patriotic Trump voters and supporters in America, which is unprecedented in our political history. But most important, these millions are the seeds waiting to be sown in the fertile conservative soil that was once occupied by today’s feckless Republican Party. 

If (when) President Trump were to pull the trigger on a startup Patriot Party, the Republican Party is likely to see a massive political migration like never before seen in American history.  Unlike third party efforts of the past, there will be current elected officials at all levels of government willing to sign on to a truly conservative patriotic party led by President Trump.  That fact alone will embed the new party members in city councils, county commissions, state houses, and the United States Congress. The true Republicans in Congress will be no worse off by switching to the new party than they are right now.  They are a minority now and will remain a minority, but a minority with 75 to 90 million Americans standing behind them.  The new party members in Congress can join the RINOs when appropriate to vote on a specific issue and the RINOs may even join the new party members on issues when it serves their needs.  There will be the 75 to 90 million proven Trump supporters that are fed up with the status quo and willing to support those who hold America and Americans first.

Can a new party happen?  Of course it can!

In addition, the new party will have two years before the mid-term election to develop an infrastructure, much of which will be old Republican infrastructure, and candidates to successfully challenge their individual Congressmen, Senators, state, and local elected officials.  Here will be an opportunity to pull the flush handle on RINOs at all levels of government and re-invigorate the MAGA movement.
Can a new party happen?  Of course it can!  This is the perfect time to support the founding of a new political party.  It will only require Donald Trump to pull the trigger and for solid Trump supporters to come out of the closet and become visibly active in the new party politics. Will there be a price paid?  Most certainly, but it won’t require dying for your country.  People will find out how tolerant their friends and family are.  It will hurt, but they can be satisfied that they can influence the rescue of the United States of America as we know and love it. With the Biden administration already tearing down the Trump policies that made America the greatest it has ever been and with President Trump’s leadership, it is possible to re-MAGA America. Imagine what he will be able to accomplish with a Congress made up of true American patriots.

Whether there is success or failure of this kind of effort, America will have exactly the government America deserves.  The only question that remains: Will it be a godless socialist Democrat government or a liberty loving, God fearing MAGA government?


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