Make today the first one you recognize that while you will go on living life each day in a real world with your children, the Democrats need you as a captive audience to live on in the pretend world of their 100% Digital one!

Time to Stop Being The Ready-Made Democrats’ Captive Audience

By —— Bio and Archives--January 14, 2021

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Time to Stop Being The Ready-Made Democrats’ Captive AudienceWithout the masses having been FORCED into the role of being the Democrats’ 24-7 Captive Audience, the entire Gig they’ve been building on since Election Night 2016 would soon disappear into thin air.

Without an audience to torment—intent of which has always been to drive them into abject despair—Democrats would go POOF, like Hollywood Draculas without the blood necessary keeping them on the prowl.

Haughtily convinced that there is no Escape Exit for the captive audience—watching them silently—is the main bloodline that keeps them on the go.

Like former President Barack Obama who was, in many senses,  never really there, neither are the Democrats since discovering how easy it is to escape reality through a staying-in-hiding digital world.

Having placed all of society behind face masks a year ago this coming March, they used scaremongering of an unproven pandemic as the plexiglass they could hide behind in their totally digital world.

Most folk think that president-elect Joe Biden hid in his Delaware basement for the entire 2020 Election campaign only for protection against the pandemic.  That’s because the media went all out protecting Dems in the Big Lie.

Biden was the beginning of the biggest political plot of all time and even boasted about it.

All Democrats have since moved out of the real physical world into the Digital one—and it didn’t come about by mistake.

Proof of how the Great Escape of the Democrats to an unreachable Digital World is hurtling our way six days from now—with the first and only Digital presidential Inauguration:

‘President-elect Biden inauguration to feature virtual, nationwide parade’. (Business Standard, Jan. 4, 2021)

“President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration will include a “virtual parade across America” consistent with crowd limits during the coronavirus era, organisers announced on Sunday.

“Following the swearing-in ceremony on Inauguration Day on January 20 on the west front of the US Capitol, Biden and his wife, first lady Jill Biden, will join Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and her husband in participating in a socially distanced Pass in Review on the Capitol’s opposite front side. Those are military traditions where Biden will review the readiness of military troops.”

As Canada Free Press has stated before, these are the same troops Biden’s boss Obama all but gutted during two terms in the Oval Office.

“Biden will also receive a traditional presidential escort with representatives from every branch of the military from 15th Street in Washington to the White House. That, the Presidential Inaugural Committee says, will be socially distanced too, while “providing the American people and world with historic images of the President-elect proceeding to the White House without attracting large crowds.” (Businesss Standard)

“Workers in recent days began dismantling an inaugural parade reviewing stand in front of the White House as Biden’s transition team continues to prepare for festivities that will be mostly virtual.

“Accordingly, organizers also said they will hold a virtual parade nationwide to “celebrate America’s heroes, highlight Americans from all walks of life in different states and regions, and reflect on the diversity, heritage, and resilience of the country as we begin a new American era.” (Emphasis CFP’s).

The “new America era” will be one without the presence of any real people, as the 2020 Election was.


“The parade event will be televised and feature “diverse, dynamic” performances in communities across the country, the inaugural committee promised. Participants will be announced in coming weeks.(Businesss Standard)

“We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities this moment presents to allow all Americans to participate in our country’s sacred inaugural traditions,” said Presidential Inaugural Committee Executive Director Maju Varghese in a statement.”

What “sacred inaugural traditions”?

This is how Democrats intend to “entertain” viewers:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem at Joe Biden’s inauguration and Jennifer Lopez will give a musical performance on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol when Biden is sworn in as the nation’s 46th president next Wednesday.

“The announcement of their participation comes one day after word that Tom Hanks will host a 90-minute primetime TV special celebrating Biden’s inauguration.


Now that his participation with Michelle Obama in the Mail-In Vote helped steal Election 2020, his activism continues.

Meanwhile, The best part about the looming inauguration hokum, is that you don’t have to tune in on any of it.

You don’t have to watch the total destruction of the America you grew up in from a front row digital seat.

The only route to personal survival is to block the Democrats out of all hearts and minds.

Life will go on without them, no matter what the media says.

There will be life after the Biden inauguration just as there was life after Obama’s attempted destruction of the republic through an uncalled for Fundamental Transformation of America.

Obama was stopped from getting his third term in office when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Bear in heart and mind that even after the Biden-Harris inauguration, much in your personal life will remain the same.

You will still have the love of your family, your children and grandchildren at heart.

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The Creator’s daybreak and nightfall will still follow you the rest of your days.

It’s not the predicted millions of people now dying from Covid—but Covid itself.

CFP columnist Doug Gibbs is spot-on that the scaremongering of the pandemic will likely come to an end by this Spring.

There will be no other Big Scares to which the Democrats can circle back.

The Democrats will now have a much harder time convincing folk that Global Warming/Climate Change will wipe out the masses.

As for their chances of helping Bill Gates wipe out the masses in their sick Depopulation Dreams?

Impossible if the Democrats are shut out by the masses.

As the days move ahead, be fully aware that all the Democrats ever did to get back into power was to take full advantage of the New Digital World.

Everything is digitally produced, including T.V., where no “news” is real news but only the tiresome opinions of the talking heads and where all features have been pre-recorded.

The 6 o’clock News isn’t reality, it’s a pre-chosen format.

The “News’ doesn’t grind to a halt every evening at 6 p.m. and every night at 11 p.m.

Life goes on.

Make today the first one you recognize that while you will go on living life each day in a real world with your children, the Democrats need you as a captive audience to live on in the pretend world of their 100% Digital one!


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