Maybe, next go-round, a vote for Donald Trump won't register as one for Joe Biden

Yet Another Trek Around Mt. Sinai?

By —— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2021

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In 2020 America was finally flipped upside downI watched a Tucker Carlson clip on YouTube yesterday. Carlson was speaking with Dr. David Clements, a professor of law at New Mexico State University. Dr. Clements had openly challenged the leadership of that school and other colleges nationally in their total condemnation of the comparatively small outbreak of violence at our DC Capital on January sixth of this year. He was especially bewildered as to why that disturbance garnered such attention from the Dean’s office while the destructive and lethal mayhem of the antifa/blm riots of 2020 went unremarked. Carlson justifiably noted that Dr. Clements’ facing off with his employers was especially brave since he had not yet achieved tenure. He remarked to Carlson that an opinion other than the liberal status quo was no longer tolerated on campus. In fact students are regularly informing Dr. Clements that they no longer feel comfortable openly sharing conflicting opinions with the students and faculty. Clements said—and this is what really caught my attention—that it is as though the entire campus is “under a spell.” From what I heard him saying, it is a spell of marshaled authority forcing conformity upon the opinions expressed by everyone on college campuses, nationally.

The news/entertainment moguls have jammed their massive tentacles in the Internet

In 2020 America was finally flipped upside down, joining the rest of a spineless world caving in to socialism. It was another nearly perfect leap into darkness, engineered by the prince of darkness himself. And I don’t hesitate for a moment to declare that I noticed the transformation much more acutely than did most people. I can say that confidently, because I have been in my own type of ‘lock down’ for the past nearly thirty-five years. Many of my regular readers know that I stopped watching tv in 1987. Oh sure, I will occasionally catch a DVD movie or a YouTube clip on a large tv-looking monitor. Nevertheless, I haven’t watched a cable, satellite or open broadcast network program in all that time. And during that self-imposed ‘fast’ I have easily observed my fellow Americans becoming increasingly conforming and desensitized, like a herd of cattle. The very real devil has especially used the tv to perform a nonsurgical lobotomy on people who have truly found their virtual reality in all that (what I call) the ‘big six’ has programmed into their minds over the past half-century. I am telling anyone who cares to hear (while you still can), that the horror of what has happened to our nation, especially over the past 18 months, could not have been avoided—nor will it be reversed—until we can pry ourselves away from the huge television networks that have hypnotized their audiences into a bottomless virtual-reality.

The news/entertainment moguls have jammed their massive tentacles in the Internet, originally the workplace and playground for the military and some liberal, techie propeller heads. In recent years it has also become the new frontier which unabashedly considers godly conservatives unwelcome trespassers (unless we visit silently and with valid credit cards). When battle was most noticeably declared against conservatism in 2016, the liberal/leftist television, Internet and entertainment group—-all forms of mass media—began an all out campaign of shameless lying which has completely breached the checks and balances of fair government. I believe that over half of our nation was silenced and is now being forced-marched into the corruption which is using Joe Biden as a hood ornament on the tank they are driving. And of course the liberal Internet is cranking our Second Amendment spigots shut—slowly but surely. Nevertheless, Carlson remains eye-opening when he talks about all these current events coupled with Andy McCabe comparing the conservative faction in this nation with terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda. In the same broadcast came footage of a parade of talking heads and leftist Trump-haters who were labeling the DC capital attack as an ‘insurrection.’ And everyone on the dark side is advocating a special commission, similar to the 9/11 commission, to spearhead and monitor filthy conservative scum like myself and most of my readers. This is not a drill, people. And things are not going to get any better after the next commercial break.

So many Rino Conservatives are currently caving and jumping ship for no other reason than a desire to protect their paychecks

In the beginning weeks of 2021 easily more than half of the people in the United States have been tucked into what now appears to be terminally trashed politics and the lame-stream media family which has thoroughly camouflaged the riots of last year into something legitimate and even admirably ‘American’. I always have to remember, though, the no-brainer litmus which I use to evaluate a demonstration. Quite simply: REAL PROTESTERS DON’T LOOT. Regardless, democrat politicians and their lying media allies were promoting the thieves and vandals of last year’s riots as sainted patriots. Yet the same alliance of reprobate carnies roundly condemned this year’s wimpy disturbance at the White House as some kind of remake of Nero’s attack on Rome. Nero, in his evil madness, was demanding to establish what Joe Biden recently said we’ve now found—‘UNITY’. But what the dim-bulbs never seem to understand is that enforced, legislated unity is just another name for prison. And THAT was why this nation’s founders worked so HARD to guarantee us a protected docket from which all of us could present our arguments for consideration. We have never been just a ‘democracy’ until right now. And, sure enough, the mob is indeed democratically in charge. We are about to learn that a true democracy is fraught with traps and deception.

The worst part of the whole mess is how so many Americans are already promoting peace in the face of the pile of unanswered questions which our former, REAL President was asking before the coup. And now America is being fed—not by the courts, but by the liberal media/entertainment world—that all the glaringly illegitimate and contestable garbage handed to us about the latest election is supposedly answered by the express opinions of liars. Liars who have spent the past four years making life and service almost impossible for our elected and very REAL President. So many Rino Conservatives are currently caving and jumping ship for no other reason than a desire to protect their paychecks. But the worst part is that pedestrian, conservative America seems okay with lying down in front of that bus. The liberal Internet (the Hydra that Donald Trump, early on, wanted to make Constitutionally leashed) is effectively now in control of our nation. A handful of New Age billionaires, who our mercenary, professional politicians are working to placate and join with, will become armchair world leaders, the likes of which we will wish we had never seen.


The liberals’ guaranteed voting block of criminals and freeloaders are coming to a neighborhood near you

Nearly twenty years ago the notorious George Soros was asked to join in conversation with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s Chancellor, Orville Schell. The discussion centered upon Soros’ then new book, “The Bubble of American Supremacy.” The house welcomed Mr. Soros with a standing ovation. There was a single student in the crowd who protested his visit. He was ignored. Soros laughingly told his audience that he had chosen America (as his second home) for two reasons: ” ... because I wanted freedom ... and also because I wanted to make money!”  The young journalists giggled in delight. Soros went on to talk about his hefty donations to various aspiring political organizations at election time. He said that his “... aim was to deny special interest access ... ” to those budding efforts. He said that most of poverty and misery was due to bad government (rather than the bad decisions of sinful men). Of course Chancellor Schell did not ask anything regarding the ‘special interests’ of the America-hating Soros. And that curiosity floated right over the heads of the audience of students as well. In the years since Mr. Soros’ engagement at UC Berkeley, that very school and its other campuses have been the attempted venue of many conservative, pro-American speakers who have been driven off by the campy, media-brainwashed students trying to imitate ‘real protesters’. Colleges were once the rightful setting for exchanges of all sorts of ideas and dreams for a better future—places to explore differing opinions and values. They were bastions of open and honest discussion which could lead to reexamining and even strengthening your own beliefs and values. But those days are long gone.

Now we have an alleged ‘president’ who has left a trail, easily seen behind him, of nearly 50 useless years of the worst sorts of immorality and pure careless scandal. He was very obviously slam-dunked into the Oval Office by a bunch screaming technical failures, conflicts of interest and plain skulduggery. Anyone who now questions the outcome of that ‘election’ will be treated as our latest REAL President has been served—cutthroat criticism and physical threat, and, if necessary, physical violence. The country-saving border wall most of us wanted is now officially condemned. The liberals’ guaranteed voting block of criminals and freeloaders are coming to a neighborhood near you—entirely on your dime.  On Jan. 22nd, the liberal Congress would not allow conservatives longer than a minute each to bring some reasoning into a proposed defense finance bill. Into that bill, the democrats packed a THREE TRILLION DOLLAR GIFT to the International Monetary Fund which will use it to write checks for tens-of-billions of dollars to countries that have financed more terrorism (Iraq, Iran and including poor Russia and China) in our world than we can soberly imagine. Biden is reenlisting us in the climate accord which will again take our money for the countries, like poor little China, who don’t want to pay. And I have been watching commenters still posting filthy trash about our REAL President even after he has left town. Their venom is just as brave and inspiring as when I watched little kids (20 to 30-year-old ‘protesters’) taking turns running up and swatting at toppled Confederate statues with belts and sticks during that particular leftist vandalism which started a few years ago. They applauded and cheered each other, like eight year-olds would at an after school fight.


All the Trump supporters are now being officially vilified and demonized

The leftists have it all now. And, just as I have for years predicted, they will never again repeat the mistakes that earlier kept them from this victory. All the Trump supporters are now being officially vilified and demonized. And the very real devil, who has claimed his victory, will now start in for his spoils. And he will not stop until he has collected the last farthing. The millions of Americans who have proudly ‘remained uninvolved with the political process’ will really have something to grumble about now. The so-called ‘silent majority- maybe come midterms—will this time decide to not be quite so silent. Purportedly, there was a lady standing outside the hall where the framers had just signed off on our Constitution. As Benjamin Franklin was locking the door for the night, the lady asked him, “What sort of government have you given us?” And his famous and well-known response to that was, “... a republic, if you can keep it.” And now we know, nearly for sure, the sad answer to that. I’m sorry, Ben.

The absolute bottom line, REMEMBER, is that the very real Jesus warned us all that days like these were coming (New Testament, Holy Bible). Even if fallen man could convert this dumpster-world into a paradise, he will never have more than an average century (at the very most) to enjoy it. No, the beautifully refreshing fact is that our ONLY Hope and Savior, Jesus Christ, will be coming for His adopted children most any day now. Does that make some of you snicker? No matter. One day you will deeply and forever accept the total truth of that statement, one way or the other.

For those who still have hope for our country, I am now begging you to prayerfully participate through every means our laws still afford us. Maybe, next go-round, a vote for Donald Trump won’t register as one for Joe Biden.

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